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We are your local provider of security solutions for the Commercial Real Estate sector, protecting your tenants and reputation with office building and commercial property security services throughout San Antonio & Dallas. We understand the concerns your commercial property faces. 

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Security Subject Matter Experts

Our BSD team has years of deep knowledge and understanding of the Commercial Real Estate sector, and we remain focused on providing a comprehensive list of building security services and solutions specifically tailored to your specific needs. We continuously evolve and evaluate our procedures and protocols and we know where we can provide help and insight.

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Your Organization Could Be at Risk

Even as other types of crime drop, violent incidents are on the rise. Much of this is driven by pandemic fallout, economic disruption, and political and cultural divisions.
  • 30% increase in murder
  • 12% increase in aggravated assault
  • 5% increase in [other] violent crime
    Source: 2020 FBI Uniform Crime Report

Employers are required to provide an environment free from recognized hazards—which include workplace violence—making a robust violence prevention response program critical for organizations of all sizes. Organizations without such programs in place are increasingly being found liable, both in civil suits and by OSHA, as a result of violent conflict between employees.

In this climate, your organization must develop and implement a comprehensive violence prevention program for your employees, contractors, and volunteers.


Our approach

  • Program assessment and policy development
  • General awareness training for all employees
  • Enhanced training for managers and frontline leaders
  • Threat management team training
  • Senior leadership training