Oil and Gas Security Services in Texas

Broadsword Defense Security provides 24/7 on-site oil and gas security guards and/or easy-to-install cloud-based Live View Technology security that’s easy to manage from a remote location.

Why Oil and Gas Facilities Need Security

The oil and gas industry supports the global economy. Oil and gas are two important commodities. They still serve as the world’s primary energy sources. This makes anything from oil wells to refineries attractive targets for global terrorism. Any attack on production facilities like offshore platforms or refineries can have devastating effects on the global economy. Attacks can include sabotage, terrorism, piracy, insurgency, theft, vandalism, organized crime, and more. Such threats can cause severe economical damage that could affect gas & oil markets across the globe.

Therefore, every oil and gas site needs to take advanced security measures. Broadsword Defense are experts who specialize in ensuring the security of gas and oil facilities. We are ready to provide effective security services on-site or through cloud-based solutions.

Texas Pipeline Security

What We Offer

Our high-level security services provide the following:

Threat and Risk Analysis for Customized Security Plans

We evaluate and analyze your site to identify potential threats and risks. Next, we develop customized security measures to mitigate those threats and risks. Our analysis focuses on important factors like the region you operate in, potential threat types faced in your geographical location, goals, and intentions of various threat groups operating nearby, past attacks made in your area, and more.

Experienced Security Personnel

The security personnel, including gate security guards we hire, are experienced and skilled professionals who undergo complete background checks and drug testing. They are also trained and prepared to mitigate potential risks and handle any situation that may arise. We are committed to providing our clients with safe and secure environments.

Onsite Security Guards and 24/7 Monitoring

Broadsword Defense Security understands the importance of guarding oil and gas facilities and resources. That’s why we offer onsite gate guard security and 24/7 monitoring to ensure your site stays secure at all times.

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