Proven, Vetted, Trusted

Listening to the outcry of the American public after years of documented school violence, Broadsword Defense started to focus on the underlying conversation of utilizing veterans as a credible, responsible, and effective deterrent to these heinous acts.

We feel the “repurposing” of the selfless service, courage, and honor demonstrated by our veterans of military and law enforcement will serve as both a deterrent and a capable resource that can be effectively utilized within our education system to provide the absolute best protection available for our most valued resource. This is also a critical component of our core mission to provide our veterans with meaningful employment that directly impacts their commitment to selfless service.

Our Approach

In a time of limited resources, It is easy to overtask available resources. Additional duties are added upon other duties until a security program is a security program in name only. This can result in catastrophic outcomes that are readily identified after the fact. After a combined 60 years of special operations, law enforcement, and overseas diplomatic security, our approach is a combined arms approach to school safety and security. Combined Arms is a military approach that integrates different specialties to achieve complementary effects.  Each element supports the other and takes advantage of the multiple skills and talents available.  Our professionals have been selected for training and experience for these very crisis situations.

In this case, the combined arms TEAM is the school district, law enforcement, and highly selected security professionals. 


The school district is responsible for ensuring it is capable of its primary mission to Educate & Empower students in their care. As we have witnessed around the globe, this can only be accomplished with a safe and positive learning environment. Although admirable, asking school staff to be armed and responsible for their students in a once-in-a-lifetime, hyper-stress situation is whole handedly unfair to the faculty and students they are attempting to protect. They should only be considered the last line of protection.

School Resource Officer’s (SRO)

The SRO program has been a great addition to our education system and helps foster significant, close ties with Law Enforcement. The primary goal of the SRO program is not protection! It is an outreach program to educate, mentor, and enforce laws. If done correctly, it is a critical link in the information-gathering cycle as the officers gain trust and build relationships. This is a crucial piece of the team’s endeavor of collecting information that can be instrumental in effectively using a multi-disciplinary risk assessment team.

 There is a clear gap in training for crisis events that we expect them to overcome at the moment of truth. This is again unfair and unrealistic and shouldn’t be surprising to anyone when they see the results.

Security Professionals

We understand that following a layered approach to protecting our schools is the best response. Allocate the resources that function best within their scope, and don’t expect them to operate within areas they have little training and less experience. The first and arguably the most important is the physical presence of a professional security professional. Fit, alert, and engaged. This can be a strong deterrent when there is no police presence, or they are in another location. The second layer is information gathering, which is the primary function of the threat assessment team, with the SRO’s assistance. The 3 & 4th layers are the responsibility of the Security professionals. 3rd is intercept/Delay, and the 4th is to defend the students at the location. With selected security professionals’ response time is minimized, and they are already focused and onsite. They are familiar with the layout and staff and have rehearsed actions during an event.