What We Do

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With the current global risks, organizations need to prepare for the full range of threats present. Even unforeseen risks such as reputation, regulations, trade secrets, politics, and pandemics can have a developed plan in place. Our deep understanding of risks in all environments provides a systematic approach to mitigating risk, containing threats, and recovering swiftly.  

Broadsword Defense (BSD)  is a full-service risk management and training solution that assists clients from inception to resolution. Operating in the corporate, private, and government sectors, we combine professionalism and a calculated business model to ensure client safety and security.

BSD relies on decades years of military special operations work in high-risk, high-threat environments and program management experience and law enforcement experience.

At BSD, our mission is to provide clients with holistic risk management consulting and tactical training capabilities. We derive our planning and strategy from a level of integrity and high moral obligation to serving our communities, commitment to our nation, and core leadership values.

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Our Approach on Risk Management 

Our BSD team has trained thousands of military special operators, corporate entities, first responders, educators, and government contract personnel. Our commitment to our clients is that we will deliver expectational services through integrity-driven solutions.

We are intelligence-centric and globally focused. Our goal is to provide security, consulting, and training-related services to clients while mitigating risk, developing proactive results, and solving complex problems.

Risks threaten any company; however, you can avoid or minimize the impact by being adequately prepared with a defined strategy, proper implementation, and coordinated contingency planning.

With decades of experience in security and risk management, we can help you mitigate the impact in ways that saves revenue, businesses, and even lives.

Our structured approach to preparation, prevention, response, and recovery has helped companies map out policies, procedures, and requirements before incidents happen.

Should an event occur, we provide services that assist you with business continuity planning and recovery, locally and globally.