K-12 school communities face an evolving and unique set of threats, hazards, and security challenges ranging from targeted violence to bombing threats to cyberattacks. School violence remains a persistent problem across the United States, with tragedies spanning decades, states, and communities and impacting the health and well-being of our nation’s youth. 


Physical Security

On Campus Security

A professional security presence is the first step in developing a comprehensive security program.  Presence is a strong deterrent. A highly trained, and selected security professional on campus will reduce the time needed to respond to a crisis.

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Emergency Operation Plan

Training & Exercise Control

You will not rise to the occasion, but fall back on your training. Get the most out of limited resources and time. Utilize our hard earned experience in training & exercise control to ensure you replace uncertainty with action.

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Chief Security Officer

Remote Consulting

Don’t hand off your Security planning to an unexperienced stakeholder. Leverage our over 60 years of Special Operations, Law Enforcement and Diplomatic Security to ensure you have a security plan that is actionable during an emergency situation.

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Broadsword Defense is a Texas School Safety & Security Consultant.

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Video Description

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) provides consistent, clear, shared language and actions among all students, staff and first responders, that can be applied in any emergency. This video illustrates how to implement each of the SRP actions – Secure (Lockout), Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter, and Hold – in a school setting. It is intended to accompany the SRP Toolkit and can be used to train school staff and students on the SRP. The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) referenced in the video was developed by the “I Love U Guys” Foundation.

Please note: This version of the SRP video has been updated to include the new language of “Secure (Lockout)” in place of Lockout.

The Standard Response Protocol

SRP Video Notice

This video utilizes the response actions of the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) in collaboration with the I Love U Guys Foundation. It is important that schools ensure compliance with local fire codes using protocols developed collaboratively as required by TEC 37.108(5). Schools may modify the protocols in this video to meet local requirements and needs.

“Safety & Security is a continuous proactive process, it is not an off the shelf product.”

– AT Moore 

Protection is Our Mission

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Utilizing the classic Marine Corps Combined Arms Approach to protection, which is utilizing all assets available to achieve mutual complimentary effects.  We seamlessly augment and enhance existing programs to increase positive results in deterring and responding to natural or manmade events.

– Kirstin W. Everton


The building block for a robust security plan is a professional and capable presence. Having a screened, selected and trained security professional will ensure a timely onsite integrated capable response to crisis events.

– Melissa Klank


Our professionals are screened and selected based on their ability to have a positive, proactive response during a crisis event.  They have a proven track record of exemplary service in both military and law enforcement communities.  We have limited control over the crisis happening.  We have control over how we respond.

– Roger Phillips


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IntelliSee is a real-time artificial intelligence (AI) risk mitigation platform working 24/7/365 to detect and mitigate threats before an incident occurs. IntelliSee turns your existing passive surveillance cameras into proactive risk-mitigation tools so you can protect your people, reputation, and financial well-being.

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