Broadsword Defense Pricing 

Hiring a security professional who is trained to provide safety and support at a small business or special event can provide peace of mind. Full-service security providers, Broadsword Defense Security & Armed Services, offer clients security-related services as well as licensing, liability insurance, and compliance with state regulations. Typically, security companies charge based on the hourly rate of the personnel dispatched to a site or event. Rates vary based on whether guards are armed or not, as well as the type of experience they have had in the field. Nationwide, the average hourly rate for a security guard is $15–$25 per hour but can be quite a bit higher based on a variety of factors.


Pricing & Fees of Security Cost:

A guard’s experience level also affects the hourly rate they charge. In addition, independent security guards usually have lower rates than those employed by a licensed, insured firm, because companies generally have more overhead. In addition, clients get more protection in the form of liability insurance. Companies typically can provide a greater range of security services, too. Here are average hourly bill rates for security guards from a full-service security company:

  • Unarmed guard: $29- $35 per hour

  • Armed guard: $35 – $45 per hour

  • Unarmed Mobile Patrol Officer $25 – $40 per hour

  • Personal Protection Officer $50 – $100 per hour

All Quoted Rates Include:

–  Direct Supervision
–  Payroll Costs
–  Employee Screening
–  Background Investigations
–  Management Visits
–  Patrol Vehicle Maintenance

– Uniformed Security Guard
– Payroll Taxes
– Professional Reports
– Training
– Administrative Oversight
– Insurance

– Finger Printing
– Employment Verification Screening
– Drug Screening
– Sex Offender Search
– Tracking Technology
– Security Essentials

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