Protect Your Ranch with Broadsword Defense

Your ranch is your sanctuary, your legacy, your livelihood. But in today’s volatile world, it can also be a target for criminals who don’t respect your property rights or your safety. Illegal immigrants, drug cartels, and human traffickers are crossing the border, committing crimes, and damaging property at an alarming rate. 

If you’re a Texas ranch owner who wants to protect your land, your animals, and your family, you need a partner that understands your needs and can deliver the best defense against all threats.

Serving Rural Areas in Texas.

In recent years, military special operations veterans have been increasingly recruited to provide border security for Texas ranches. These veterans bring a unique skill set honed during their service, including proficiency in firearms, tactical operations, and surveillance. They work closely with ranchers to secure the border, often patrolling vast stretches of land on foot or by ATV. Their presence not only deters criminal activity, such as drug smuggling and human trafficking but also provides a sense of safety and security for the ranchers and their families.

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Our Story 

Operation Bright Star began with the deteriorating conditions on our southern border and how it was affecting families and communities. As veterans we had seen these same effects of instability in some of the most unhospitable locations on earth, but never dreamed we would see them in our own country let alone our home state.
What began as a conversation quickly became the opportunity to serve again. Texas has one of the highest concentrations of veterans than any other state. Texas also has many veterans that have served in some of the most highly trained Reconnaissance & Surveillance units on the planet.
Creating small teams of highly vetted and trained, your tax dollars ensured they had the best training in the world, these veterans can assist local law enforcement, families and communities with experience and technology to make the most of already scarce resources. These teams will operate within the law. They will not confront or detain. The eyes and ears on foreign battlefields, these teams will provide information and training to those who need it the most, while detecting, deterring, and denying unfettered access to property.
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